Beautiful Memories With Asian Or Garden Wedding Favors

Couples often choose to give guests some small, inexpensive gifts as “Thank you” keepsakes to remind them of the special occasion and the happiness that was shared on the wedding day. Wedding favors are an entire line of products intended to fill this need. Favors have become a traditional part of any such party. Couples having an outdoor ceremony and reception can now choose from a number of appropriate options when deciding which favors to give depending on the chosen theme. Two excellent themed gift items that work well with outdoor weddings are Asian and garden wedding favors.

An Asian theme is often used for outdoor ceremonies. This theme is romantically oriented and provides a perfect feeling for celebrating marriage. Paper lanterns, candles and incense, and even Chinese writing are incredibly beautiful oriental items couples can use as decorations to achieve this effect.

Asian wedding favors may be oriental silk or paper fans, fortune cookies, or any of a wide selection of items making use of the Chinese glyph meaning “Love” or two intertwined glyphs for happiness which means “double happiness”. These are the ideal items to give as gifts and keepsakes to remind the guests of the occasion and say “Thank you” much more clearly than just sending “Thank you” cards later.

It won’t surprise anyone that a garden theme is also commonly used at outdoor weddings. The beautiful part of having a garden theme lies in the vast array of flowering plants that Mother Nature provides for use as decorations at this type of wedding. A wide range of different flowers and different colors of flowers are in bloom from early spring to late fall makes finding the best mix for the season an easy proposition.

Flowers and blooms are the basis for decorating most garden wedding favors. While flowers are the key component of the theme, garden wedding favors can be almost anything. Adding flowers just improves the appearance of most items. One of the most popular garden wedding favors is a packet of mixed flowering plant seeds that guests may take home and add to their own flower gardens as a beautiful, living reminder of the occasion and joy shared with the couple every year when the plants come up and bloom again.

If the weather will permit, outdoor weddings are relatively common occurrences. This is because most people agree that Mother Nature can provide the most beautiful decorations for anything as beautiful as two people getting married. Outdoor weddings can have many different themes, including Asian themes and garden themes. Asian and garden wedding favors are two distinctively different, yet gorgeous types of keepsake gifts that people can enjoy receiving and having to remind them of the special occasion.